I seen an old Indian Cheif, down in Oklahoma  a while ago, who had a shirt on, with the Picture of an Indian tribe, all the warriors in the picture had rifles in their hands and the shirt said fighting terrorism since 1492.  What that Indian Cheif was telling the world was that,  the Indian Nations from the continent of America have been fighting wars against European terrorisim, since Christopher Columbous landed in the Bahams ,with his band of filthy Pirates in 1492. We the Black Nation, the blood relatives of African slaves, are fighting against the same colonial rulers as the Red Indian Nations of America!! Africans and Indians Nations have been robbed of our land,  our culture,language and heritage, we must rebuild or be slaves. Let it be noted that Christopher Columbus was a stupid and greedy man, who is responsible for sparking the destruction of Indian Civilizations in America. Columbous and the Europeans who came after him brought so many Diseases, Guns, and wars to America, that the whole entire population of Indian Nations in the Bahamas and  Jamaica are now extinct. Not one original Indian Jamaican is alive to carry on their Nation`s blood line or tribal ways, they are all dead because of Europeans. Extinct means no longer existing. If we the Black Nation, the original People of the earth chose to salute the American way of life, we too will be extinct, like the hundreds of Indian American Nations. Down in Oklahoma, where the Indian tribes have been living for over 30,000 years,they have a saying that goes if we lose our languge we lose everything! Most Black Americans,we only speak our Rulers language,  the King`s English.when we lost our language,we nearly lost our idenity as Aboriginal People. We have to get our languages BACK!  Our former rulers has already  brainwashed most of our Black families in to, picking up guns, and serving in their Militaries. All over the world from Senegal,to Los Angelos,Black men from the Colonies of Europe and America sign up to go and kill other people of color  who have done nothing to them!  This whole concept of Blacks fighting in European and American militaries,really kicked off,when the US,used Black Army soilders to help seize or take the land from the Red Indians of North America. When I say we should not salute the US Flag,I really mean it,cause when we salute America`s flag,we are also saluting the European settlers who stole this Nation,by pushing the Indians off the land, and killing off over 300 Indian tribes. We have went from helping Europeans,steal the land from the Indians,to helping our Enemy fight against the Arabs in Iraq and Afghanistan. All those wars our ancestors fought in from the Revolution,to the Middle East and we still don`t control a Nation of our own! All those wars we fought in for what?  Our Schools are still being closed down and the Police still shot our People down and get away with it.  See, the Colonial rulers are using Black Men like pawns in a chess game,they never wanted us in their military and they only allow us to fight,because they need us to rob,steal,kill and destroy other Nations. We do not salute the United States Flag .We shall never salute the U.S. or any European flags! I will never allow my child to salute any flag, except the Black flag, the flag of our ancestors.  Europe and the United States Of America has robbed, my People of our land, language, our name,culture, folks ways,religion And God! Since our African Nations and tribes were taken, when the Europeans came in to Africa and divided the land up in to colonies,we are now a homeless Nation struggling for a National homeland and a National idenity. We do not support European Militaries that use Black Men and Women as tools, to kill African,Indian, Asian, and Anglo Saxon Peoples of the world. To salute the American flag  means to salute genocide and theivery!   For example the Buffalo Soilders were Black Men who were hired by the US Army after the civil war, to help steal or seize the land from the Red Indians. The Black Buffalo Soilders were also used by the White American military leaders,  to protect European settlers from the Indian warriors who were just fighting to keep their land! Indian freedom fighters called the Buffalo Soilders,  the White Man`s Soilders. The Indians  were right. In the Indian`s eyes the Black Buffalo Soilders, were a group of cowards who were fighting on the wrong side of the war. Instead of fighting for the White Man`s Army, and helping to steal the land from the Indians, Black Men should have banded together with the Indian Warriors and fought as an African and Indian alliance against the common enemy,  Europeans!  History teaches us that a small number of Blacks and Indians fought side by side against the Europeans. The reader may ask why would Black men some who were ex slaves, sign up for Miltary service,salute the US Flag and fight for a country who was hanging,raping, beating Black Folks, and burning down African churches almost daily?  The Buffalo Soilders  who chose to join the racist U.S. Army were  forced in to the Army  for several reasons, first Black Men could barely find work, outside the plantation in a racist white America, so they joined the Army because it was the only place a Negro could get a hot meal,stay out of jail and earn a check at the time.  Black Men joined the Man`s Army also because they were trying to avoid becoming a slave again in the Europeans new form of slavery called the prison system.  After slavery ended in 1865, many  former slave owners continued to support slavery, due to the fact that they had gotten wealthy off the Backs of Africans. And the fact that they needed Blacks to rebuild the SOuth after it was destroyed on the civil war. Our former slave owner found new ways to put our African Ancestors back in to shackles. All throughout the United States, especially in the south in states like Mississippi.For example, racist former slave owners turned politicans, created laws targeted at ex slaves. One law was that any Black Person caught stealing a hog, would recieve 5  years of hard labor in a Mississpi prison,where Blacks were worked from can`t see in the morning to can`t see at night, right back on the White Man`s penitentary, they were right back into slavery.  So the options for Black American right after slavery were limited,either the Army,wage slavery or Jail! And they still are! SO Were the European settlers who stole this territory from the Red Indians terrorist?  Sure they were,history proves it.  We do not support European Military forces, who drop bombs on the homes of innocent darker races of the world! When I look at the American flag, I see slavery,theivery and injustice.  Don`t be fooled by Dr. King and his non violent approach, American Independence and the Independence of every  Nation of People has been violent!! We will never get true freedom any where, by begging whites to salute their flags,and Join their racist Armies,we gotta build our own!  Damn it,Black Men have fought all over the globe for others,now we got fight for the survival of our own Black Men,Women and babies!  When we begg others for what We should be doing ourselves, we only make ourselves look weak in the eyes of  other Men. Power to the People. Build up your People,train your People,love your People and Salute your own People. I will discuss Black Military strenght and if we have what it takes to build a Mighty Black military in a later chapter. Uhuru.