imagesDIDYD4N3Education is really about people figuring out how to resolve issues and contradictions, so that they can live better lives, if it`s not about that then what’s the purpose of education? (Quote by Stic Man of Dead Prez)

I was introduced to Dead Prez in the 8th grade at W.X.D.U., which is a student run radio station at Duke University.   I was struck by the subject matter and the level of lyricism Dead Prez rapped with.   They reminded me of the group Public Enemy mixed with N.W.A. Years later, I am still a diehard fan of Dead Presidents and their revolutionary message.   Salute to the truth seekers!   This is an excerpt from a radio interview I did featuring Stick man, one half of the politically charged hip hop group Dead Presidents.  Dead Prez is best known for their hit song Bigger than hip hop. Never the type of rappers to back down from the real issues that the masses of African people face, songs like they schools describe the dissatisfaction many of the black youth have toward the American colonial schools system.    I called up Stick Man a comrade of mine, who has spoken out in the past about the America`s educational system, to get his perspective on the state of this Nations school system.   Brother Stick Man spoke from his home in Atlanta Georgia to the Black Man Speaks Radio Show about The State of American Education and its effect on the Afrikan youth.

Stick Man of Dead Prez   “In terms of the school systems failing our youth, In terms of the school system sending our youth to a dead end street. The schools train you to be a slave for corporate America or they train you to be a manual labor slave for the next fast food restaurant.   Never are you really getting an education that empowers you on how to challenge the economic system or how to create alternatives or even how to be an entrepreneur so you can provide decent opportunities for your own community.   School is not designed to do that!  And it’s evident in the American dropout rate.  It`s evident in the American school status in the world.  Basically on the level of education America is on the bottom for all its wealth and so called might and power.

What America invest in education it’s terrible.  How they treat the teachers it’s ridiculous.  And you can see it now with the unpredictable job market.  Many college graduates are not getting jobs.  So you’re getting 40,000 in debt to go to school.   If you can afford a way to make it thru college, when you get out you are 40,000 dollars in debt with no job and no practical skills to develop your own. So it’s kind of like the hustle.   The banks get their money automatic from those loans.   That’s why you had occupy Wall Street”.

“So I still feel the same way comrade as I did 13years ago.  That`s my response to being kicked out of 2 high schools.  Like I said I always loved learning.  I was always in to figuring things out.  I like to know how things work and I like to make things happen.  That’s what school should be about.   The school system tries to conform you.  And take your man hood from you.  They try to take your woman hood from you.  I resisted that and I got expelled from 2 schools.   One school I got kicked out of for writing an article in the newspaper. Another school I got kicked out for rapping at a black history program.  It’s not like I was breaking the law in the eyes of my people.  I’m just saying schools are not set up to tolerate thinking for yourself.   Students should have more control of the assemblies.  Schools are not designed to promote service of the people.  Schools are there to send you in to the machine with the complete mind f*ck.

Part 2, Stick Man from Dead Prez, drops science on SOLUTIONS to the educational crisis in the United States.

Stick Man of Dead Prez  “I think there are many solutions to the educational problems in America.  1st, you have to recognize that this paradigm is not working.  Secondly there are many other options.  There are independent schools, trade schools.  Go out there and test a theory see how it works.  There is tutoring, consulting, mentorships.  Even a private school has a better chance of focusing in on certain goals and objectives.  There is a book called Pedagogy of the Oppressed, by Paulo Freire.  And he just talks about how most schools are set up around making deposits in to people’s minds.  Like we`re going to tell you this and tell you this and remember that, now you`re educated.  What that really means is, you are trained you are not educated.  You just been trained to regurgitate answers and to behave in a certain way.

Education is when you are able to use the science of cognition, the science of observation, the science of critical though and analysis to develop new answers to problems.  To develop alternative view points, to develop solutions.  Education is really about people figuring out how to resolve issues and contradictions, so that they can live better lives, if it`s not about that then what’s the purpose of education?   For example my son goes to an independent school with 13 other African boys and they get it in on a multi-level of relevant things from of course the reading, writing,   mathematics, the arts and language.  The young men also learn organic farming, manhood training, hygiene training, physical fitness and survival training.  A well-rounded education is the future.  (Stick Man of Dead Prez)

The group Dead Prez has worked with some of Hip Hop`s elite, such as Jay Z, Moss Deff, Talib Kewili, Bun B, Outlaws, Kanye West, Nas, Erakah Badu, Onxy and countless others in black music.

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