The Oklahoma Revolutionary #3


Chairman Omali Yeshitela is the leader of the Africans Peoples Socialist Party.  He spoke to the Oklahoma Pan Africanist about crack cocaine and its devastating effects on Black America.

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By The Rebel Journalist

Rebel Journalist “Chairman I heard you say in one of your speeches that Uncle Sam is the pusher man and the white house is the rock house.  Is it true that the C.I.A. created crack cocaine?   

Chm. Omali Yeshitela   “That’s hardly even disputable any more. We were saying this for some time.  Particularly when we were working out of our headquarters in Oakland California, that’s where we created the slogan the white house is the rock house and Uncle Sam is the pusher Man.  And then of course off the backs off that statement, there was a white reporter with the San Jose Mercury News, his name was Gary Webb.  He wrote a series of articles in the newspaper that was backed up by 600 pages of documents showing C.I.A. involvement in the crack trade.   The articles show how the person the feds imprisoned (Freeway Ricky Ross), was the same person they created.   When the C.I.A. organized this guy, he had never seen cocaine in his life!   And he came to be the one who was identified as the major cocaine pusher, the King Pen. 

Chm. Omali Yeshitela “They created crack cocaine in a laboratory some place.  And they used it to attack our community.  It was a form of counterinsurgency that was used against the African community in particular, that was a form of salting the earth to make sure that the African revolution would not reoccur.  And also as a means of sending resources in to a economy that was in a recession at that time in the 1980`s.  So you had the poorest sections of the country, now addicted to crack cocaine, where every 12 minutes they have got to get a hit.  People are doing all types of terrible things in our own communities in order to get those resources. Where does the money go?   The money went into the stock markets. It went in to the auto industry.  It went in to the banks like H.S.B.C. the Hong Kong Shaing Hi Banking Corporation, that itself was created in the 1800s to facilitate the opium war that England fought against China to turn China into a nation of junkies”

Chm. Omali Yeshitela  The white house in the process of killing two birds with 1 stone, at the same time they were making incredible war, against the people in south America after leaving Vietnam going to South America, where at that time  most of the opium was being secured.   Weapons were being dropped off to kill People in Nicaragua who were trying to make revolution there and then dropping the cocaine in to our communities, to frustrate any ability for revolutionary transformation that might occur here.  So you have an in genius scheme, where every time you open the newspaper you see stories of crack babies and crack pregnancies.  Our communities were described as pathological and this opened up the door for any kind of military repression as well as state repression in the form of imprisonment. This is where you see the leap in the numbers of People going to prison.  In just 28 years the U.S. prison population has went up 800%.  

 Chm. Omali Yeshitela  “From 1980 to 2008 the number of people locked up went from 500,000 to 2.3 million and it was all a part of that war against our people.  Now People who would be engaged in revolutionary struggle, they are the prime ones locked up in these prisons”.


                      The Rebel Journalist Speaks

The crack rock and the culture that came with it was designed to bring the black power movement to its defeat.  Crack Cocaine was a form of chemical warfare used against poor Afro Americans in our struggle for Revolution.  In order for revolution or any kind of social change to take place, the support of the People is 1st needed.  When crack came in to the picture in the 80`s, it hit the black ghettos of America like a tsunami, taking with it millions of black lives.  Some of our most brilliant minds, scholars, leaders and would be Revolutionaries became casualties of war at the hands of the American Government.   The revolution of the 60`s was about Black People fighting for our freedom in the country, our Fathers and Mothers helped to build.   By the time the 80`s came around, the fight for food, clothing, land and a true African centered education, became a war to keep black people off  drugs and out of the white man`s penitentiary.   The struggle for revolution became a struggle to get high for many former revolutionaries.   Brothers and sisters who once stood up to the system, almost overnight became crack fiends, convicts and drug dealers.             

 I know ex Black Panthers and ex civil rights activist, who are now strung out on the poison that was created by the C.I.A., to kill Black & brown Men, Women and BABIES.  I know it can be hard to believe too the unenlightened, that our own government in the United States could be responsible for the drugging of the black community but it`s the truth.  The white house really is the rock house and Uncle Sam is the Pusher man!   The chemical war that was declared on Black America was successful.   The crack babies that were born in the 80`s, have grown up to be adults, many of whom still suffer from the after effects of crack addiction.              A child born addicted to crack cocaine can face a lifetime of mental physical, and development issues such as mental retardation.   Crack not only wiped out almost an entire generation of black leaders, it also nearly destroyed the future African Revolutionaries of America.   

Now that we know the system and how it works, we must work to change the system.  I am never in support of Black People selling or using the white man`s poison.   Our People, especially the youth need to be educated on exactly what crack is and how it was created to destroy Black People.  Don`t believe the rappers who glorify the drug life and drug culture.  The rappers who make the dope music are just victims of the drug war that was created to kill them and their families.  Realize that by selling, or using crack, heroin, or any other manmade drug you are participating in the extermination of the Black Man, which is the government’s plan.   We buy the guns, sell the drugs, and kill our own people in America, as the enemy sits back, laughs and gets wealthy of our misery.  Chairman Omali and I have given you the information; it’s up to you what you will do with it.  Will you participate in the termination of Black People, or will you stand up like Malcom X and fight the system by any means necessary?

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