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O.G. Stic Man from the Hip Hop duo Dead Presidents Drops the Science behind Garveyism.   Salute.


Marcus Garvey most powerful African leader of the 20th century


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Marcus Garvey sailed from Jamaica to Harlem New York in 1916.  After reading a book titled Up from Slavery written by the ancestor Booker T. Washington, Garvey found his purpose in life and that was the Revolution of 400 MILLION African People.   Garvey was a liberator of Africa who rose to prominence in the United States.  Marcus Garvey preached Africa for the Africans.  The continent of Africa, has been butchered, step on, raped and spit on by European powers.  General Garvey was training the Africans of the world to take back the land and resources that were stolen from us! Garvey passed away before he could see the African revolution he envisioned.   Mr. Garvey left the blue print on how to achieve African Nation Hood.  Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, who led his country to independence  from Britain, is quoted as saying,” the book that did more than any other to fire my enthusiasm was the philosophies and opinions of Marcus Garvey”  General Garvey the most powerful  African of the 20 century, has been studied by every great black leader that came after him.  Garvey inspired the largest black movement in U.S. history, yet American schools don`t teach Garveyism.   Garveyism is power, created to wake the Black Man up.   

I wanted to know more about Garveyism and the science behind it, so I hit up Stic Man and asked him what he thought about the philosophies and opinions of Marcus Garvey.

Stic Man:   “Marcus Garvey is the triple O.G. of the movement. There wouldn’t be no red black and green if it were not for the U.N.I.A.  There would not be a sense of black nationalism, if it weren’t for the work that he was putting down back in the 20`s.  Back in the days when brothers was fresh off the plantation and talking about share cropping, Marcus Garvey was saying we black people, we need a black land, we need a black God.  He was on 100% black power.  So you just look at him as the giant as he is, to be able to do that at that time. When you got suckers out here in 2014 that aren’t even close to what Garvey was on.  Also you have to look at how much Garvey influenced not just say me but how he influenced people all though out history.  First of all a lot of people don`t know that Malcom`s father was a student of Garvey. Malcom`s father was a member of that community and dedicated to building up that program. Malcolm was heavily influenced by the teachings of Garvey as a child and subsequently the Nation of Islam was based off that.  Many of the brothers who were in the nation were also influenced by their grandparents who were influenced by Garvey.  Garvey had the biggest black movement to this date, on this soil and the world.  At their largest point there were a million members in the U.N.I.A.   The U.N.I.A. had ships, clothing manufacturing companies, they had military cadre training, nursing schools, they made belts, and shoes. I mean you name it and they had it.  They had restaurants and all kinds of investments.  They were about using capitalism in a way that could benefit that community at the time.

The Garvey movement`s influence on Malcom`s father and Malcom`s generation, Malcom in particular influenced the generation that came after that.  People like Huwey P Newton in some of his writings he says how Malcom came to speak in California. And how when he was a young cat going to school out there, he went to go hear Malcom speak, those speeches would influence Huwey to develop the Black Panther Party.  The Black Panther Party attracted Sisters like Asada Shakur and Afeni Shakur who ended up having a young Brother named 2pac.  2pac ended up influencing our generation and created groups like Dead Prez.  And to quote 2Pac he said I might not be the one to start the revolution but I will be the one who sparks the one who starts the revolution.   I think it just continues. So Garvey his leadership as a man and as a community organizer and General has had influence since the 20`s, in every forward step in our movement for power.  When you Salute Garvey, when you salute that red, black green, you are saluting one of the best O.G. `s to ever do it. {Stic Man} 


The Militant Journalist speaks on the legacy of Garvey

Garvey was a historian amongst his many titles. He researched the Africans Kings, generals and empires of Mali and Kemmit, which were African nations that ruled for thousands of years, before Europe.  Black People who once were the world’s most intelligent minds as Scientist, Priest, Mathematician and Doctors in Africa, had now become reduced to the slaves, servants, and laborers for western powers.  Garvey not only taught African People everywhere, the history of our greatness, he taught us how to repeat that history in the now.  Garvey taught us as Black Men to walk with confidence and to build governments of our own, that would improve the conditions of black people and restore our country to royalty.  

He was military genius in his own right.  Only a General could organize a million Black People 64 years after slavery.  Marcus was a man of action, who never asked Caucasian People to accept him into their society like Dr. King or Barak Obama.   Brother Garvey told Blacks to stop begging Europe and America for a hand out and to go out into the world and build up a country of your own, free of the slave masters children.  

 Marcus Garvey most powerful black leader of the 20th century, taught me about black history before I even read a single book that he wrote.  Learn the science of Garveyism

Negroes will stop at nothing short of redemption of Motherland and establishment of African Empire.     

                              {Marcus Garvey}

 Share your thoughts on Garvey`s Pan African movement. Do you think that black or African people will ever have a country that we can call our own in Africa or anywhere else?

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