The Science behind education

 The war on Books

By The Rebel Journalist              

My Alma mater was books, a good library… I could spend the rest of my life reading, just satisfying my curiosity.

Malcolm X

Books have always been an obsession of mine. I can still remember reading the biography of Muhammad Ali at 8 years old. The biography of Muhammad Ali completely changed the direction of my young life. The story of Ali came alive in my young mind. I was fascinated by the champ and could not put the book down, until I read the book in its entirety.

 Muhammad represented the strong, black, proud, militant and intelligent man that I wanted to grow up to be.  Muhammad was like a black super hero in my eyes.  The way Ali taunted his opponents, danced around the ring and destroyed his adversaries motivated this black boy to strive to be the greatest in all that I do.   I was drawn to the rebellious spirit of Muhammad. At the time I had never known a man to talk to powerful and rich whites in the way Ali did.  Muhammad Ali had no fear of anyone but God himself.  Ali talked a lot but best believe He backed up every word he spoke.

 Ali`s refusal to serve in the Vietnam war, due to his political beliefs, sparked the revolutionary spirit I carry with me to this day.  The story of Ali made me proud to be black for the 1st time in my life.  Books provided me with the knowledge that material wealth could not buy.   Black parents must understand that books are like a pass port to the see the world.  Although I was a from Oklahoma around mostly white people, my mind was somewhere in Zaire Africa or Ancient Kemmit with my ancestors.

 The war on books is what will destroy the future of black America

 Drastic measures must be taken immediately!!

In an interview conducted with Dr. Umar Johnson, author of    The Psycho-Academic Holocaust: The Special Education & ADHD Wars against Black Boys.  Umar touched on some disturbing statistics concerning Black boys.  He points out that the average reading level of an African American male, in a federal prison is that of a 3.5 grade level.  To make matters worse, the Doc goes on to say that there is a direct relationship between miseducation and incarceration.    If young men and women are not properly educated by the time they finish the 5th grade, then their chances of being incarcerated goes up significantly around 75% to 80 %. (Dr .Umar, Clinical Psychologist, author, and educator)

The main problem, with the lost blacks of America is that we simply refuse to READ.  By refusing to read to ourselves, our children our family and friends, we are participating in self-imposed genocide.  We are killing ourselves!   In today’s society, it seem as though it`s cool to be dumb and dumb to be smart. Many of the lost black children of America can barely spelled their names but know every lyric to the latest song on the radio.   

To all my rappers or aspiring rappers, understand that the best rappers are highly intelligent men who have read libraries of books.  Rap greats such as 2pac, Scarface, Nas, Big Punisher, and Kool G rap are all lyrical geniuses who read books on a regular basis.  David Banner, Killer Mike, Master P and Ludacris are all highly educated black men who have college degrees. Remember intelligent is the new gangster.

According to only 11% of black boys read at or above the 4th grade reading level.  And 43% of people living under the poverty line cannot READ at all.  The old saying goes that if you want to hide something from a black man, then put it in a book.  That is a sad but partially true statement.   I would also like to add that many Black People barely read, when they do read it`s the Bible, which the enemy has used for hundreds of years to enslave the hearts and minds of Black People!

 The African American bookstore, in Killeen Texas once stood tall as a symbol for black empowerment and black education.  The Black Texans, who needed the knowledge the most refused to support the black owned book store and it was forced to close its doors.    The knowledge center was a black owned book store located in the heart of the black community, on the east side of Oklahoma City.  The lost blacks of Oklahoma chose not to support the much needed African bookstore and it too eventually had to close down shop.  Black book stores are being shut down all over America, while at the same time prisons are being built to house the illiterate Africans of America.  All across the United States, penitentiaries are being built based on elementary reading levels, which is not right!

I am aware that many of my readers are Christian so I will go to the Holy Bible to make sure they understand what I am trying to tell them.  The book of Hosea chapter 4 verse 6 in the bible speaks directly to the Black People in North America. The scripture reads as following, my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, because they have rejected knowledge.  Not only have the lost blacks rejected knowledge, we have become comfortable in our ignorant ways.   

Harriet Tubman, abolitionist, liberator, and freedom fighter once said  She could have freed a thousand slaves, if only their minds were free” During slavery it was against the law for a slave to read.  The reason why the slave master, wanted to keep his slaves illiterate was to ensure that the slave would not escape to freedom.  Knowledge is potential power. The slave was powerless because the slave could not read the signs guiding him or her to freedom!!!   The so called African Americans are just like the slave, who is doomed to a life of bondage, due to his or her lack of knowledge.  I meet college educated; black fools every day on campus!   Just the ask the average Black College student in America do they study African American history and they will tell you NO!  Many African Americans in College will only read what their Professors, who are usually Caucasians, tell them to read.  They are brainwashed Sheep, still controlled by their slave masters!   Black People in America are overall ignorant of our history and the sacrifices that were made, so we could be free.  We are so blind that we don’t realize that it was our blood relatives, which created science, mathematics, reading and writing.  Once Black People come in to the knowledge that they come from the most brilliant people this world has ever seen, then we can deprogram ourselves from white supremacy and show our brilliance in the present.  Black Studies is a Science but to many it`s a religion.    The brotha Umar said it best; when he said that by fixing the education of our black boys and black girls, we would by doing so revolutionize black existence in America.

The black bookstore was like a temple of knowledge. I would spend hours in the book store, talking with the elders, building and learning. The black bookstore is critical in the advancement of blacks in America. Every black neighborhood should have a black bookstore. Otherwise blacks of America will continue to be dumb, death, blind, and mentally enslaved.  The books that we read are just as important, as the food we put in to our bodies. Reading black or African history is not only fundamental, it is essential for the survival of blacks in America.  Why as Afro Americans or Africans on the continent do we refuse to study our history, yet we spend our entire lives studying European and American history in these so called institutions of education?  

Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.

(Edmund Burke)

Rebuild the African bookstore in your hood today.

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