Kwame Nkrumah

(21 September 1909 – 27 April 1972)

By Editor & Chief Richmond X

The chapters in this book are conversations I have had with Afro American Revolutionaries who all have the same mission.   The mission of the African Revolutionary in the 21st century is to become self-sufficient, FREE from the shackles of this white controlled system in America and abroad.   Keep in mind that Black or African People all over the planet are fighting for their freedom!   Many African countries such as Mali and Ghana are young countries who just won their independence from Europe   50 to 60 years ago. Mali the birthplace of my Father, gained Independence from France in 1960 and the struggle continues.

 Kwame Nkrumah, the Ghanaian freedom fighter came to America to further his education in 1935.    Kwame studied theology, philosophy, education and politics at the Lincoln University of Pennsylvania, which is a historically black university.   Kwame who was originally educated as a teacher in Ghana, earned several degrees in America including  a Master of Science degree in education and a Master’s degree in philosophy.    He was a highly intelligent man as far as books and the streets where concerned.    On the street corners of New York in places such as Harlem also known as the Black Mecca, Kwame began to study the works of the Honorable Marcus Garvey.   The Pan African teachings of Marcus Garvey also known Garveyism, had a major impact on Kwame`s worldview.  

“Long before many of us were even conscious of our own degradation, Marcus Garvey fought for African national and racial equality. I think that of all the literature I studied, the book that did more than any other to fire my enthusiasm was the philosophies and opinions of Marcus Garvey”   

         {Quote by Kwame Nkrumah First President of Ghana}

   Marcus Garvey is considered the greatest black leader of the 20th century.  During the 1920`s and 30`s Garvey`s Universal Negro Improvement Association had an estimated 6 million followers around the world including followers in Africa.   Garvey preached Africa for the Africans and redemption of the land of our Fathers.  To make a long story short, Kwame after adopting Pan Africanism in the United States, went home to Ghana and led that country to independence from Britain in1957.   Kwame` s story is a testament to what can be accomplished when Africans from the continent and Africans from the west come together in common struggle for independence!    Mr. Kwame Nkrumah has been dead for 41 years, yet the struggle for a free and united African world lives on.  

Now is not the time to be weak as African People.  Brothers such as Patrice Lumumba of Congo, Thomas Sankora of Bukina Faso, and MAlcom X  of America were all murdered for standing up for what they believed in and that’s was Black Power!  When I say Black Power I mean Black People having full control over our destinies and not some foreign country, who wishes to exploit us.  Self-determination is a must!  In the 21st century our Black nation has grown weak.  Where is the next Kwame Nkruma?    Who will read the story of our ancestors and lead their people to independence as Moses did in the bible?   The 1st step to becoming free from the filthy system of colonialism is to become educated!   Read The Autobiography of Kwame Nkrumah (1957).

The mission of the Black Revolutionary is never about hatred of White People, rather we are completely dedicated to the improvement, conservation and independence of the African.    We as revolutionaries are guided by our love for Black People.   As educated Black Men and Women, we know our black /African history therefore we prepare for the future today.   148 years after slavery, the African in America is in dire need of a Revolution and not just a change.   I chose to fight this revolution using my pen and my voice as an African radio journalist, what will you use as your weapon for freedom?   


The Brothas who I spoke too on my radio broadcast are all highly respected African Leaders, Activist, Doctors, Rappers, Preachers, Teachers, Principles, Entrepreneurs and all around freedom fighters for black people all over the world.   This book is a research paper transcribed from my radio program.   Anybody who is interested in black history, black activism, and black freedom this is the manual for you.   When I decided to put this project together, I wanted to organize a piece of work that dealt with the past, present and future of the African struggle.   It took long hours in the library for me to compile the sciences for black power.   If we as Afro Americans don`t want to become endangered species like the Bald Eagle in America, then it is important to learn, and then master certain sciences for survival.   I hope that African People all over the globe from Ghana to London will read this and become encouraged to fight for their freedom, justice and equality whenever they may live.   The sciences are as follows Uhuru!

 1  Military science Dr. Umar, Omali Yeshitela,

2 Political Science

3 Revolutionary Science Omali,

4 Religious Science Dr. Umar on the Black church,

5 Economic Science Featuring Stick Man

6 Educational Science Stick Man from Dpz, Dr. Umar,

7 The Science of Black Leadership