Revolutionary Education & Revolutionary solutions featuring Stic Man from Dead Prez

imagesDIDYD4N3Education is really about people figuring out how to resolve issues and contradictions, so that they can live better lives, if it`s not about that then what’s the purpose of education? (Quote by Stic Man of Dead Prez)

I was introduced to Dead Prez in the 8th grade at W.X.D.U., which is a student run radio station at Duke University.   I was struck by the subject matter and the level of lyricism Dead Prez rapped with.   They reminded me of the group Public Enemy mixed with N.W.A. Years later, I am still a diehard fan of Dead Presidents and their revolutionary message.   Salute to the truth seekers!   This is an excerpt from a radio interview I did featuring Stick man, one half of the politically charged hip hop group Dead Presidents.  Dead Prez is best known for their hit song Bigger than hip hop. Never the type of rappers to back down from the real issues that the masses of African people face, songs like they schools describe the dissatisfaction many of the black youth have toward the American colonial schools system.    I called up Stick Man a comrade of mine, who has spoken out in the past about the America`s educational system, to get his perspective on the state of this Nations school system.   Brother Stick Man spoke from his home in Atlanta Georgia to the Black Man Speaks Radio Show about The State of American Education and its effect on the Afrikan youth.

Stick Man of Dead Prez   “In terms of the school systems failing our youth, In terms of the school system sending our youth to a dead end street. The schools train you to be a slave for corporate America or they train you to be a manual labor slave for the next fast food restaurant.   Never are you really getting an education that empowers you on how to challenge the economic system or how to create alternatives or even how to be an entrepreneur so you can provide decent opportunities for your own community.   School is not designed to do that!  And it’s evident in the American dropout rate.  It`s evident in the American school status in the world.  Basically on the level of education America is on the bottom for all its wealth and so called might and power.

What America invest in education it’s terrible.  How they treat the teachers it’s ridiculous.  And you can see it now with the unpredictable job market.  Many college graduates are not getting jobs.  So you’re getting 40,000 in debt to go to school.   If you can afford a way to make it thru college, when you get out you are 40,000 dollars in debt with no job and no practical skills to develop your own. So it’s kind of like the hustle.   The banks get their money automatic from those loans.   That’s why you had occupy Wall Street”.

“So I still feel the same way comrade as I did 13years ago.  That`s my response to being kicked out of 2 high schools.  Like I said I always loved learning.  I was always in to figuring things out.  I like to know how things work and I like to make things happen.  That’s what school should be about.   The school system tries to conform you.  And take your man hood from you.  They try to take your woman hood from you.  I resisted that and I got expelled from 2 schools.   One school I got kicked out of for writing an article in the newspaper. Another school I got kicked out for rapping at a black history program.  It’s not like I was breaking the law in the eyes of my people.  I’m just saying schools are not set up to tolerate thinking for yourself.   Students should have more control of the assemblies.  Schools are not designed to promote service of the people.  Schools are there to send you in to the machine with the complete mind f*ck.

Part 2, Stick Man from Dead Prez, drops science on SOLUTIONS to the educational crisis in the United States.

Stick Man of Dead Prez  “I think there are many solutions to the educational problems in America.  1st, you have to recognize that this paradigm is not working.  Secondly there are many other options.  There are independent schools, trade schools.  Go out there and test a theory see how it works.  There is tutoring, consulting, mentorships.  Even a private school has a better chance of focusing in on certain goals and objectives.  There is a book called Pedagogy of the Oppressed, by Paulo Freire.  And he just talks about how most schools are set up around making deposits in to people’s minds.  Like we`re going to tell you this and tell you this and remember that, now you`re educated.  What that really means is, you are trained you are not educated.  You just been trained to regurgitate answers and to behave in a certain way.

Education is when you are able to use the science of cognition, the science of observation, the science of critical though and analysis to develop new answers to problems.  To develop alternative view points, to develop solutions.  Education is really about people figuring out how to resolve issues and contradictions, so that they can live better lives, if it`s not about that then what’s the purpose of education?   For example my son goes to an independent school with 13 other African boys and they get it in on a multi-level of relevant things from of course the reading, writing,   mathematics, the arts and language.  The young men also learn organic farming, manhood training, hygiene training, physical fitness and survival training.  A well-rounded education is the future.  (Stick Man of Dead Prez)

The group Dead Prez has worked with some of Hip Hop`s elite, such as Jay Z, Moss Deff, Talib Kewili, Bun B, Outlaws, Kanye West, Nas, Erakah Badu, Onxy and countless others in black music.

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Why We don`t salute the flag of the Europeans


I seen an old Indian Cheif, down in Oklahoma  a while ago, who had a shirt on, with the Picture of an Indian tribe, all the warriors in the picture had rifles in their hands and the shirt said fighting terrorism since 1492.  What that Indian Cheif was telling the world was that,  the Indian Nations from the continent of America have been fighting wars against European terrorisim, since Christopher Columbous landed in the Bahams ,with his band of filthy Pirates in 1492. We the Black Nation, the blood relatives of African slaves, are fighting against the same colonial rulers as the Red Indian Nations of America!! Africans and Indians Nations have been robbed of our land,  our culture,language and heritage, we must rebuild or be slaves. Let it be noted that Christopher Columbus was a stupid and greedy man, who is responsible for sparking the destruction of Indian Civilizations in America. Columbous and the Europeans who came after him brought so many Diseases, Guns, and wars to America, that the whole entire population of Indian Nations in the Bahamas and  Jamaica are now extinct. Not one original Indian Jamaican is alive to carry on their Nation`s blood line or tribal ways, they are all dead because of Europeans. Extinct means no longer existing. If we the Black Nation, the original People of the earth chose to salute the American way of life, we too will be extinct, like the hundreds of Indian American Nations. Down in Oklahoma, where the Indian tribes have been living for over 30,000 years,they have a saying that goes if we lose our languge we lose everything! Most Black Americans,we only speak our Rulers language,  the King`s English.when we lost our language,we nearly lost our idenity as Aboriginal People. We have to get our languages BACK!  Our former rulers has already  brainwashed most of our Black families in to, picking up guns, and serving in their Militaries. All over the world from Senegal,to Los Angelos,Black men from the Colonies of Europe and America sign up to go and kill other people of color  who have done nothing to them!  This whole concept of Blacks fighting in European and American militaries,really kicked off,when the US,used Black Army soilders to help seize or take the land from the Red Indians of North America. When I say we should not salute the US Flag,I really mean it,cause when we salute America`s flag,we are also saluting the European settlers who stole this Nation,by pushing the Indians off the land, and killing off over 300 Indian tribes. We have went from helping Europeans,steal the land from the Indians,to helping our Enemy fight against the Arabs in Iraq and Afghanistan. All those wars our ancestors fought in from the Revolution,to the Middle East and we still don`t control a Nation of our own! All those wars we fought in for what?  Our Schools are still being closed down and the Police still shot our People down and get away with it.  See, the Colonial rulers are using Black Men like pawns in a chess game,they never wanted us in their military and they only allow us to fight,because they need us to rob,steal,kill and destroy other Nations. We do not salute the United States Flag .We shall never salute the U.S. or any European flags! I will never allow my child to salute any flag, except the Black flag, the flag of our ancestors.  Europe and the United States Of America has robbed, my People of our land, language, our name,culture, folks ways,religion And God! Since our African Nations and tribes were taken, when the Europeans came in to Africa and divided the land up in to colonies,we are now a homeless Nation struggling for a National homeland and a National idenity. We do not support European Militaries that use Black Men and Women as tools, to kill African,Indian, Asian, and Anglo Saxon Peoples of the world. To salute the American flag  means to salute genocide and theivery!   For example the Buffalo Soilders were Black Men who were hired by the US Army after the civil war, to help steal or seize the land from the Red Indians. The Black Buffalo Soilders were also used by the White American military leaders,  to protect European settlers from the Indian warriors who were just fighting to keep their land! Indian freedom fighters called the Buffalo Soilders,  the White Man`s Soilders. The Indians  were right. In the Indian`s eyes the Black Buffalo Soilders, were a group of cowards who were fighting on the wrong side of the war. Instead of fighting for the White Man`s Army, and helping to steal the land from the Indians, Black Men should have banded together with the Indian Warriors and fought as an African and Indian alliance against the common enemy,  Europeans!  History teaches us that a small number of Blacks and Indians fought side by side against the Europeans. The reader may ask why would Black men some who were ex slaves, sign up for Miltary service,salute the US Flag and fight for a country who was hanging,raping, beating Black Folks, and burning down African churches almost daily?  The Buffalo Soilders  who chose to join the racist U.S. Army were  forced in to the Army  for several reasons, first Black Men could barely find work, outside the plantation in a racist white America, so they joined the Army because it was the only place a Negro could get a hot meal,stay out of jail and earn a check at the time.  Black Men joined the Man`s Army also because they were trying to avoid becoming a slave again in the Europeans new form of slavery called the prison system.  After slavery ended in 1865, many  former slave owners continued to support slavery, due to the fact that they had gotten wealthy off the Backs of Africans. And the fact that they needed Blacks to rebuild the SOuth after it was destroyed on the civil war. Our former slave owner found new ways to put our African Ancestors back in to shackles. All throughout the United States, especially in the south in states like Mississippi.For example, racist former slave owners turned politicans, created laws targeted at ex slaves. One law was that any Black Person caught stealing a hog, would recieve 5  years of hard labor in a Mississpi prison,where Blacks were worked from can`t see in the morning to can`t see at night, right back on the White Man`s penitentary, they were right back into slavery.  So the options for Black American right after slavery were limited,either the Army,wage slavery or Jail! And they still are! SO Were the European settlers who stole this territory from the Red Indians terrorist?  Sure they were,history proves it.  We do not support European Military forces, who drop bombs on the homes of innocent darker races of the world! When I look at the American flag, I see slavery,theivery and injustice.  Don`t be fooled by Dr. King and his non violent approach, American Independence and the Independence of every  Nation of People has been violent!! We will never get true freedom any where, by begging whites to salute their flags,and Join their racist Armies,we gotta build our own!  Damn it,Black Men have fought all over the globe for others,now we got fight for the survival of our own Black Men,Women and babies!  When we begg others for what We should be doing ourselves, we only make ourselves look weak in the eyes of  other Men. Power to the People. Build up your People,train your People,love your People and Salute your own People. I will discuss Black Military strenght and if we have what it takes to build a Mighty Black military in a later chapter. Uhuru.

Colonial Rulers over the Black Nation


The time has come that we address who our rulers, how they came to rule over us and what must be done to overthrow our rulers. The definition of ruler is someone who has authority over you and your family,your ,children and your Parents. We are a colonized People in the United States,just like the Brothers and Sisters in Africa who are colonized by their white rulers. What is a colony? A colony is a settlement of land with People who live on that land,while others own the land!  Black People are lilving in colonies all over the world, where they don`t own or control the resources or raw materials.  Europeans, Asians and other races are sucking the life blood out of the Black colonies on all 4 corners on the planet. Just like Black Folk in Harlem are losing their land to Europeans and others, the Black Africans in the Sudan are being forced off their land. The same way rich Whites are buying up the land in Oklahoma City and running African Americans off their land,the same thing is happening in Indonesia where Poor landless peasants are being forcibly removed from their land! So this question of colonian rulership is an important one to talk about. As we speak we got Brothers and Sisters, landless peasants who are being ran off their land by the enemies, who use the land for their own selfish needs! The enemie has bought over 72 millins acres of land in Africa,south America, and Idonesia in the last 12 years and they dont plan on using this land to feed the People. To the black landless peasants in America, our African Ancestors were brought here to work the land and NOT TO RULE. SO Black People all over the world are a colonized subject People being used like pawns to make money off of. You see their is money in the hood and Black People create many many jobs, just not for black People. Since a Black colony is a settlement that is owned by People who don`t look like them, the Rulers who own the land do everytjing in their power to maintian their rule over their subject countries. King Leopold, the Belguim European was responisble for the death of over 15 million African People in Congo. King Leopold,chose to rob the Congo of it`s raw materials and itt`s People,turning it in to his colony! Why would King Leopold kil,catsrate, robb ,rape, and cut the hands off of millions of African People. King Leopold colonized or took over the Congo for 2 reasons he was evil and Greedy! Black People better wake up and recognize who their masters are. In the United States,the land I was born in, People call the ones who own the land their land lords. We pay our masters money to stay on their land, so they continue to have power over us like our lords! Cause the power is on the land. And if you paying another man to live on his land, you will for ever be a slave to the lords of the land, Just like if you live with your Parents,or your Brothers and your Sisters,you know in your heart that`s not your home,it`s your relatives home, As a colonized People we are living in another People`s home. We the Black NAtion are just renting a room on the king house. We speak the king english,eat the kings food,celebrate the kings religions, and holidays, all this make us a coloinzed People, How far have we come really? How free are we really? When we the Black People, the descendts oof slaves still call ourselves by the Europeans names, some of us are even proud to have a white name and name our children european sounding names such as MArk Smith! We are complete dependent on another People for food,clothing and shelter. Our People are kept in America, as a consumer People who buya many items,and creates very little. Black Folk worldwide,create,grow and produce very little. So you see who has the real power? Now do you see who your true enemies are your colonial rulers? The rulers, who control tha radio stations,tvstations,newspapers internet and all populare media sources want to keep us as wage slaves, spending all our money with our enemies! Thw way the rulers keep us brainwashed in the world is prop a few Black leaders up as if they represent the haerts and minds of the Black People, the enemy uses deception to keep Black folks under an illusion, such as President Obama, he is nothing more then a puppet for the colonial rulers,just look at hows Blacks in Africa and abroad suffer,yet what has Obama done to change our condition?  What schools or hospitals have Obama built on the black side of town? In slavery their were white slave owners, that would go on business trips out of town to buy more slaves,and they would leave Black slaves in charge of their plantations,to watch over all  his slaves while the Slavemaster was away! President Obama is the same, as that slave who watches over all the slaves,while he himself has no true power,he is just there as a gatekeeper.  Don`t get it twisted we are still on the plantation, you see slavery evolves,from chattel slavery, to prison slavery to wage slavery,then it all repeats its self. We the Black People are wage slaves due to the fact that around 98%, or damn near all black people work for white People! How can any self respecting Black Man or Woman not look at the economic situations affecting our Black Nation and not see that something is very wrong! When a People are at the mercy of another People, then Revolution will eventually come,as soon as the poor People wake up and wage war on colonialism! The Black Man and Woman has to take a long look in the Mirror, at Black Africans and Africa,and bang for liberation,freedom, bang for Independence! When was the last time that you have seen an African Country or colony, have control of a European country? I have not seen such a thing in my lifetime. Nowhere on God`s green earth do Black Africam Countries, force Europenas to pay taxes to African crowns, or rob the Europeans of their  land and raw materails! Even In Mali, the land of Mansa Musa, the wealthiest man in world history, that country is still colonized by French Europeans, in other words the French still treat the Africans as their child nation! In MAli the  Military is trained and provided with Military weapons by its French Rulers. So you see our Black NAtion is still struggiling to be free, to control our destiny as Independent,powerful,self respecting People! A sister told me the other day,that in her view, the United States does not want Black Folk to go free in to a land of their own, cause who would else stand in line at 3 and 5 oclock in the morning, even camp outside to buy some Michel Jordan shoes. A pair of Jordan`s will cost you over a hundred dollars, and Black People act like they can`t breathe without,some Jay`s on their feet, Last time I checked Micheal Jordan was not a Black Man who worked to uplift poor Black People, to rise up as a Nation. Micheal Jordan is what you call a capatalist, who has teamed up with his slave Masters, to exploit Black People,many who are poor, of their riches and Power! You see when the Black Nation spend its money outside of its circle of the Black Family,then the money goes back in to the hands of the Rulers and their African puppets,like Micheal Jordan, Micheal Jordan has a responsiblity to build schools,hospitals, and Universities, instead He spends that money,he makes off Black Africans on his white White wife. Micheal Jordan has a European Wife, and wheen we support these higly pay athletes with their European wives, all we are doing is keeping our enimies wealthy. For example, if Micheal Jordan died, would all those millions he has made off sports go back in to the Black Population, for Black deveolpment and improvement? No,  Jordan`s money when he passes away will most likely go to his white wife,who does not give a damn about the Black Race. So you see how colonialism works? Euroepans with the money,land and power,let a few Black Africans amass wealth in the US,while the Europeans continue to get rich off their Black Puppets in the process. When I say we the Black Nation have been colonized, I mean we have been over run over by others, and stripped of our right to self determination and land, we gotta work to get it back. When the enemy see us opening our eyes, and uniting as a Black Nation, to create our own shoe factories,that our People work at,building the shoes our People where and at the same time,employing our own People, he will become angry and frustrated. THe 1st step in a People freeing it`s self from colonail rule,is to hit the Empire in her pockets,build for self, and stop spending with others! It is not easy to unite and build something up for ourselves, and the enemy wishes to keep us devided, so he can continue to suck the lifeblood of the Black nation. Much like the drug dealer, who will shoot and kill, another drug dealer who comes to his hood to sell dope, business work the same way against true leaders of the Black Nation who set up shop in the Black Nation, The enemy does not want us Independent, because they sell us ciggaretts,alcohols,clothers,food, beauty suppliies, shelter, gas, and everything else humans spend money on, including the churches and the Mosque,this is how the rulers stay super rich and we stay poor as petty servants, The rulers have zero concern for the common black man,their only concern is profit, so you see we are facing colonail warfare. Anytime a Black Business Person opens a business, they become an opponent of Colonial rule,who`s 1st rule is to always keep the power,militarily,mentally,spiritually and economically.  We have to show our poor brothers and Sisters that the Europans are not Gods. We gotta become owners and controllers not workers and servants for our former slavemasters. How does the Black Nation gain independence from her Colonail rulers? The Black People have to demand Indepence and selfhood all over the world,then struggle for it as one Nation.  Right there in Africa,Black People are struggiling for the right to be a free independent People in their own country,where our anceators have lived and died for thousands even a million years. Kwame Ture, also know as Stokely Carmicheal talks about the colonial situation in his powerful book titled Black Power. Kwame Ture said quote that The anaglogy is not perfect in another respect under classic colonailism,the colony is a source of cheaply produced raw materials usually Agriculture or mineral. which the Mother Country then processes into finished goods and sells at high profit –sometimes back to the colony itself. The Black colonies of the United States do not export anthing but human labor,the product itself does not belong to the People because they dont own the land. Let me pause right there with the ancestor Kwane Ture`s book black power. Kwame Ture was right the Africans in America are a subject People to the Europeann rulers of the United States, just like our Black Nation in Ghana who are struggling against the same enemy, European colonial rule. For example in the Gold coast,what is now called Ghana, where the cocoa crop was the largest in the world,there was not one choclate factory,I learned this from the Book Black Power. I want you to really think about what I just told you next time anyone says that African People are free. In a country that has the largest cocoa crop in the world the Black People of Ghana don`t own one single choclate factory in their own Nation! That is madness. Ghana is a country in West Africa where many of our ancestors who were brought to the US,Europe and the Carribean came from. Many of us so called African Americans are are direct blood descendats of the Ghanian People, So Europeans did not just take away Ghana`s gold,diamonds and land, they took away our precious Mothers and Fathers.   Ghana is also one of the richest places in the world,Ghana is materiel rich,mineral rich, and the Black Ghanians are rich in Black culture!. Ghana was conquered by Europeans,the same Europeans who brought our Mothers and Fathers to this Land in chains on slaveships. We must never forget about the horrors of the transatlantic slave trade, and all Black chilldren need a thrurrogh understanding of how the African the slave trade worked,so that they can see why Black People all over the world still bow down to their European Masters,it started with slavery.  Take for example wall street up in New York,did you know the 1st stocks and bonds on wallsteet were Africans slaves?   When we study the African slave tade,we see that we were sold as products,and now in today`s world we are seen as consumers, who don`t make anything but buy up everything.  We right where the enemies want us. In other words Europeans came in to Africa,conquered Africa and it`s People, and we are  still a conquered People,who struggle daily for Liberation.

Understand me loud and clear when I say that we are a colonized Black Nation who is dependent on others for survival. No matter where you work or how much money you make, if you do not own and control the land and means of production then you are at the mercy of other Men,who want to keep you as servants. Let`s take for example Timerland Boots. I have a pair of Gray Timberland boots that cost me around 100 dollars. Timerlands boots are very poplular in the Afro American population and everytime I go out I get compliments on my Tims. But Timberkand is owned by Europeans not Afro Americans or Africans,so every time a black person spends a hundren dollars on some tims or 60 dollars on some baby tims for their Children, we are helping to keep the colonial powers powerful. Timberland boots has made billions off of Black People many of them poor,who will spend their last hundred dollars, so they can get a frsh pair of tims. Now listen, 100 times 1 million equals 100 million!!!!! In the state of New York alone, just times 1 million Black Men,Women and Children spending 100 dollars a peice on some boots and you get 100 million dollars made off Black Afrikan People!!! The People who owe Timberland make fortunes of the Black Nation,but what do we make off the Europeans,who sell us the Boots?  What do we sell to Europeans besides our labor? When I looked at the tag on the inside of my Timberlands guess where it said they were made at? They were made in China! In Fact most of the designer clothes, and shoes Black People act like they can`t breathe without are made in China! There are even so called Black Nationalist that wave red black and green flags, that were made in China! I know the honorable Marcus Garvey can`t be imprresed with the Black People throughout the world not even sewing and waving their own flags made by Black hands,sold by black merchants.   Timberland boots are made in China because it cheaper to make them there, so Europeans will pay some Poor Asian in a factory a dollar or 2 to make a boot,then Europeans turn around and sell that same pair of boots for a hundred or more dollars,plus tax, which is even more Europeans and Asians getting fat pockets off us the Black Nation!  Everytime I look up I see some celebrity from Will Smith, to DMX, Jay Z, Nicky Minaji, even P Diddy, rocking some fresh pair of tims!! Now see Timberlands for what they are, a company owned by Europeans rulers,who use cheap damn near slave labor of the poor Asians,to sell overpriced boots to a poor Nation of Black Americans who love to look nice. Now can you see what I mean when I say we have to get free from colonial rule,the alien race, who use the stolen land and resources they took from weaker nations,to turn around and sell products to the very People known as the Black and Poor Afro Americans, Black People are seen as a landless NAtion, that every other race of People eats off of like the parasites they are!  One way of doing battle with our European rulers is for Black People all over the world to adopt the concepts of Black Nationalism and black econmony. In Black Nationalism, instead of the Black Nation spending billions of dollars with Europeans and others who don`t live amongst the Black Nation,who are not Black, and who do not employ all Black People, We would start our own boot companies, and the Black Nation will support us, much like they supported the Timberland boot company!    The owners of timberland are not Black,they don`t have black children, they are not trying to build hospitals and African schools for Black People,so why should we give these aliens who we do not know, our hard earned money and not do business with our own?  Since the Colonist always seeks to keep economic power,we gotta fight to get our econmic power back!  The future of Black Nationalism, is the masses of Black People everywhere from Africa, the US,JAmica,Haiti,London, and all over being united, and creating products made by black hands and sold by Black Africans to the Black Nation worldwide, The Brother who created Fubu clothing line said He wanted to create something for us by us meaning that his clothers, were for the BLack Nation,cause he was from the Black Nation, Fubu showed Black People that they too could be builders and masters of black business and at the same time support of own! SO the way to fight the enemy our colonail rulers is to fight back economically. If you are really sincere in empowering our Black Families,then when a Brother or Sister looks at their boots they should say Black owned,made in Africa,Mississippi, or Jamiaca, by Black hands. We need to be supporting our own no doubt.  The Black People,have to work and struggle to own the land, raise the animals, and protect our land militarily!  Now listen. Timberland boots are made out of leather,and leather is made out of animals skin such as cows. all the European does is, aquires the land many times by force,he raises the animals,does the research and looks at buisess for what it is warfare! Next thing you know the Europeans who own the land,has the art of selling boots down to a science, he know what animal skin works best to make his boots,where he can get the boots made cheapest and lastly how he can make as much profit as possible!! Black People must do the same,look at busiess as warfare,and in warfare,you must know every detail of busiess and how to be a black business titan. My dream is to see a Black Nation or country stand up, and build their own boots from scratch,employ other Blacks that work united to sell our products to the world!!! We should be buying boots made by Black Africans in Africa,or made by some of our kinfolks in Chicago or Trinidad. And not supporting the development of alien races who target us and eat off us. Im preaching to you about throwing off those shackles and rebuilding what was nearly destroyed,the Black tribal Nationhood,of Brothers and Sisters who support each other and push each other,so that we can be the greatest People that ever lived. WHen the Europeans came to Africa, and what we now call the United States,their goals, where to divide and conquer or Black and Inidian People, so they could get rich off our People and our land!! Now that slavery is over we are facing a new slavery called economic dependence on other People, so while we are not property of white People,we buy nearly all our property from Europeans!!!! Think about that for a moment we buy nealry all our property from Europeans from the Tims on our feet,to the laptops and headphones in our ears,the Black dollar is being throw right back in to the hands of Europeans and Asians,who send their Babies to to the Best school such as Harvard and Yale,off Black money!! Our money!

What I have to hammer in to the minds of People of African descent is that the must never pledge allegiance to their enemies flags. We are not American,European,Jamiaican,Panamanian, Cuban or anything other label,we are Black Africans 1st!  And if we the Black Nation want to see true Independence meaning,we rebuild our countries and colonies,then we the Black People and nobody else has to struggle daily in the reconstruction of the Black Nation! Black Nationalism is where Black Nations from all over the world on every continent, unite and trade or spend money with other respectable black business women and Men. SO when I buy my boots,or jeans from a Black Busieness man who employs other Blacks,then my money is invested in to the future of the Black race. Nobody is going to build,hospitals,schools, roads and farms for Black People But other Black People. We are all we got! There is strenght thru Unity,that is why the enemy is trying to divide the Black Nation as we speak,because like Pharoh they fear our unity! For evey dollar you spend in the Black Nation with Africans on the continent or abroad, you are helping to build up Black economies,send Black Children to Univerities,so they can take that knowledge and help to build up their Black Nation like the Chinese are doing! For every dollar that we spend supporting our own we can put our own People to work,so our Women wont have to be depending on that Europeans job!! Much of our power,lies in the dollars that we have in our pockets, once we spend as much money as we currently do with white People,with our own People then we will see Black People began to rise as the future world leaders and not pawns for the Rulers!!!  Since many of our Black People have been colonized for so long they have started to think with what I call colonized ways of thinking.  A Black Nationalist way of thinkning is that Black People need to spend with others Blacks,so we can then take a portion of the money that we spend in our Black economy and use it to send every poor Black Child to College or trade school, where they can learn to be Archictects that build and Scientist that become Black Doctors that serve the Black Nation!!  We have the money and the power as a Black Nation to turn the black ghetto into  thriving black Nations and business distrect! But we have to fight for it, every inch of the way,remeber Tulsa Oklahoma and Black wallstret the,prosperous Black business distrcict that was burned down by white racist mobbs, who dropped bombs from the sky like the Airforce on the Black American business owners. Europeans burned down Black Wall street because they saw Black Men and WOmen,building businesses and doing things for themselves and the Europeans got jealous of the Black People`s success!  For example on Black Wall street over 3000 Black Americans were killed by the white mobbs,many were even burn to death to  inside their churches and homes! Black Wall street was a district where our ancestors were able to circulate a dollar 36 to 100 times,sometimes it even took a year for money to leave the Black community. Let me say this before we go any further,on Black Wall Street also known as Little Africa,the dollar stayed in the Black Neighborhoods, 36 to 100 times,this meant we were being about our BUSINESS and supporting our own. Nowadays a dollar leaves our black neighborhhooods in just 15 MINUTES!  The money stays in the Black neighborhood for just 15 minutes and you wonder why your neighborhood is poor? We use to have our own Black economy,so when we went to the grocery store,movie theater,took a Cab, or even took a flight, we were circulating our Money,back into our blac Nation! The same thing that our Ancestors did, in this city of Tulsa Oklahoma, we have to do in the prescent,even in Africa, Black People have got to come together as a business People,with idustrial skills,buy up the land,open up shop,and support each other! And remember like the Honorable Eligah Muhhamd taught,jealousy destroys from within. So if you have a Brother open up a barbershop,next to that Brother you have Sister opening up a hair salon, next to that Sister you have a Black Family who has knowlede on how to run a grocery store,they all open for business and spend the money with each other,and never outside the circle,that`s how a business distrct is started. We gotta build back our own Black Wall streets,or die of thirst and hunger,in the land of plenty that we helped to build. What the ancestors did with Black wall street was a clear definition of Black Nationalism and Black Nation Building,except the fact that Black Wall Street did not have a Powerful Black Military to proect it,I will talk about this further in a later chapter. Black Wall Street is a blueprint to what can be done,when we put our Black minds,skills and money together for the empowerment of Black People economically.  Part of what made Black Wall Street so sucessfull,is that african folk were forced because of racist laws to do business amongst themselves,not with the Alien races!! For example in New York,you have Little Italy,China Town, and Jewish districts all over,who recognize,the concept of group economics,and how to recycle the money with in their tight knits circles! And who recognize that Intergration means death! Black Folks all over the world are out of work,not seeing that they are the wealth builders of others, and that it`s time to build wealth amongst themselves.  We are at economic war with others,who only seek to eat off our plates,and it`s got to stop! For example the Koreans control the Black beauty market, asians make billions off Black Women yearly and when a Black Person tries to open a black beauty shop,the Koreans will not sell any products to the Black Person! Why? Because the Koreans only does business with other Koreans,you don`t see them runnig to the White Rulers begging for a Job! We gotta unite under the Black Nation so we can control our forces. If we want to get off the Slave Master`s plantation,we are going to have to work together,like the chains in a link,where each link is supported by each other. The Koreans and others use us like pawms,sucking the blood out of our Nation,and we let them in. Nowadays a dollar leaves our black neighborhhooods in just 15 MINUTES! Think about that. We were moving on up on Black Wall Street and our enemies came and bombs us back to the stoneage,they even burned our Churches! Right in this city,Tulsa Oklahoma, Black Americans were able to pull themselves literally up from slavery,just 50 years after Slavery eneded, our People were able to build some 21 Churches,21 restaurants,30 greocery stores, and two movie theaters,plus a HOSPITAL, A BANK,A POST OFFICE,Libraries,schools,law offices,a halfdozen private airplanes and even a Bus system,all of this was burned down out of jealousy! Remember all the business I named were not all we had,these were just some of the over 600 black businesses that were lost!  The Jealousy of American Europeans caused over 1500 black homes to be burned down in Tulsa Oklahoma,june 1 1921.  Close your eyes for a moment and imagine what 1500 homes of where your family and freinds live at burned to a crisp,looks like! Let me add that our Black Ancestors and their children were never repaid,for the massacre that took place,right here on American soil. We the Black Nation have never been a lazy People,when the European Americans left us alone,We were foced to do for ourseleves and we did powerful things! Now 95 years after Black Wall Street was burned down most Black Folks aint got NOTHING!!!  We don`t even have 1 hospital in the Black Nation with Black Doctors to heal our sick and wounded! Look around Black Man! We don`t own NO BUSLINES, OR BANKS, where are our Grocery stores? Let a man or Woman not be decived,we are deceiving ourselves if we think we or free! I don`t give a damn about Obama being the President if over 90 years after my ancestors built one of the most successful business districts in the world,and here we are in the Prescent and we are still asking others to hire us!! We have went backwards Black Nation,like that runaway slave,who turned around and went back to his Master we have done the same. Our European rulers do not want to see Africans link up on a business level, because once we link up,then who will the enemy sell his products to? Who will the enemie use as slave labor in his Prisons? Even in Africa, many of our People, have to buy food from European countries, when right their on their own land they have some of the most fertile land in the world,because the Africans dont own the land the Europeans and Asians do! A sister from Africa told me how there are Black Africans who can not even fish in their own rivers because Europeans have even bought the rights to the water,so our People die of thirst and hunger when they have all the resources they need,right under their feet!  Our Rulers are so ruthless that they would rather let African People die,then to own and control their resorces.No disrespect but every year the Black Churches of America make enough money to send every black Man,Woman and Child to College or trade school on full paid scholarships,like many college Athletes get!  The Afro American churches make enough money to put,water wells all over Africa, so our People can have access to clean drinking Water! We collectively spend 3 million each Sunday, enough money in the Black Church to where if we put that money to good use we could end Black homlessness over night! With all the billions that Black Churches make why aren`t these churches doing more for their own People?  The Black Preacher in many ways has become an enemy to his own People. We got Preachers who own million dollar jets,ride in limousines and live in Mansions,while the average poor Black Brother and Sister can barely pay the rent,buy food or find suitable work! We have African Preachers who have been bought out by their slave masters, they work to keep the dominant society in power, this is why so many Black Preachers are silent,when unarmed black teens are shot by the cops in the street. Many of the so called African American Preach peace in the mist of a war,in which Police brutality against Black Americans is an every day thing. A true Preacher would teache his People how Jesus was a Black Radical Revoltuinary that went in to the churches, and threw over tables when he saw the Preachers selling pews. I asked a Man who has been preaching for over 40 years, what did the bible mean when it said that Jesus was throwing over tables in church because he saw the Preist or Preachers selling pews? The Preacher explained that selling pews meant that the Churches in Jesus`s time were charging People to sit in the pews in church,rich people were literally buying pews,where they would sit at during worship times. Jesus hated colonialism and slavery! So we see even in the early Church, false religous leaders, who betray their own People and get paid off religion! Jesus the Christ was clearly fighting against the church of 2000 years ago,for their greed and their mockery of the church. The church went from building Black People up to tearing them down!  A true Christian knows that the Church is a place where the People should be able to come to get a bowl of soup when they are hungry, where People can get a coat when it`s cold outside and where the People can get taught Black religion in a way that it instills black pride and black empowermnet, this is called the black social gospel. The Black Nation should do what Jesus did when he threw over those tables in church,we got to throw over the Europeans jobs and create our own,we have to throw over these European schools that teach us to be colonized servants. And struggle to build truly Black Universities,founded and payed for by Black Afrikans that teach all the sciences of Black Nation building and black selfhood. We have to throw over this prison system,that locks our People up for selling and smoking marijuanna,when the herbs come from the earth! Who does the enemy think he is? Ameica is not God so how dare white Europeans come to the land of our Red Indian Brothers and Sisters who have lived in my homestate of Oklahoma since 30,000 years ago or perhaps even earlier and create whiteman`s laws against smoking weed!! Not only did Europeans seize the land,here in the United States,they also passed laws that made it illegal to smoke marijuanna,which is an ancient practcie that Inidians and Africans have been doing for thousands of years! Don`t tell me we are a free People,when Europeans came here and made the Black and the Red Man,bow down to his colonial Rule! Eligah Muhammad said the whole world belongs to the original Black People and that we will have to stand up and do something for ourselves!! We also have to become powerful enough to where we can build a mighty Black Nation,and employ Black educators, so their minds will not be wasted working for European rulers. We have to throw over the pews in the Black Churches meaning Black People gotta start checking they Pimp Preachers and ask them why do they act like cowards and not teach black economic revolution from the pulpit,when they know that,most Black People are working on jobs that are owned by whites and others,which means we are commiting racial suicide. We throw over tables in these million dollar churhes, that pimp our People by simply refusing to attend these fake Churches,we gotta do like Dr King did with the buses and boycott the black churches,until they can help move our People off the plantation and from under the thumb of white rule! A Nation that does not build for its own People is destined for failure. And we are not failures our Ancestors such as Harriet Tubamn struggled too hard,to free our People,for us to be walked on like carpet.  We are not some weak People who can not run our own Nations and Govern our own territories as Black Leaders of the 21st Century. Black People are not an infant People,so why do we depend on another People for Milk,Bread,Meat and housing? Why should we have to obey these laws made by Europeans,unjust laws that were to made to reenslave us? Black People do not control the political process, we did not vote for marijuanna to be illegal and historricaly we did not vote to get freedom,our Fathers had to go fight amd die in the war for ours! Black folk could not even ride at the front of the Bus in the US, in the time my Father was born. Racist Europeans only let our Mothers and Fathers ride at the front of the bus,because once Black folks decided to boycott and not ride the bus,the white businesses men or rulers, started losing so much of the Black People`s money,that they had to let our People ride out front! Now look at the boycotts of the 60`s for what they were, a colonail situation where white Europeans only cared about our black money. So the fact that as A black man I can sit at the front of the bus,does not mean I am free,it simply means that the European business man never cared about freedom,justice and equality, of so called Black Americans,they were only concerned with getting rich off us. We have to see ourselves through our enemies eyes, Europeans have always looked at Black People as a colony of People to take from, so when the whites saw the Black Nation taking back its power thru the money, they figured out new ways to robb us blind! Dr King only had it partly right when he organized the bus boycotts, he attacked the Rulers weak point, their greed of money! I will take it a step Further then Dr King and say that we gotta stop spending with white businesses all together, and instead of convincing others to let us ride up front on a bus, we have to create our own buslines,hire black busdrivers and capture our own dollars from all People,that`s called revolution.  When we struggle to get others to do what we should do for ourselves,all we are really doing is surrending our weapons or money, to the European empire. Our enemies recognied our weakness, of wanting to be accepted, and used that weakness against Black People. Just think of all the homes,farms,schools and radio stations,we could have built in Black America,with all that money we spent with our oppressors! We have been disarmed,all intergarion meant was money leaving the Black Nation and going in to the hands of the very People who sell us the products.  Money truly is power,and evertime we spend our money with other races and not our own,we are giving away our power!! Not one Black Man was prescent representing the Black Nation when the Constituion was written up,by the so called founding Fathersof America,many who were slave owners theirselves! So why as Black People should we have to obey the constitution and its laws,when it was not written with Black People in mind? We are not an Independent Nation until we can write our own constitutions,create our own laws and build our own Black militaries that will go to war if necessary to protect our mighty Black Nation. We are not some lazy, comprimising Black Men, that don`t want to work with our Black Hands to feed our Familes. I understand that hardwordk and deternination are a must when building a Nation! What many of my People want is a country,a land they can fight for believe in and die in. We struggle for a homeland free from foreign invaders, where we can grow our crops and raise our children in Peace! Nobody knows about hard work like back People,our dear Fathers and Mothers have built empires for Europeans,look at the Southern economy in the US where COTTON WAS KING and our Black ancestors were forced to work the land as slave labor for 300t years. Since Black People have built and nursed the countries of Europe and the Americas to health,its time to build for ourselves. Black Africans built the foundation of America,so when we talk about how powerful America is we can not talk about her without 1st talking about the Black NAtion who has given more for America than any People,who has came to the United States. The Bible says let a man not be decieved because,if a Preacher is deceiving himself about Black life,then he is deceiving his People and a Preacher who decieves or lyes to his People is a fake Preachers,who deserves no respect and support from us. Im confident that if Jeus of 2000 years ago could come back to life he would be down for Black Power! Jesus the Crusher, if he were alive would go to these Churches where these greedy Pimp Preachers wear 3000 dollar suits,and collect millions from poor Black People, Jeus would flip over those tables like he did before! Look at the condition our poor Black People are in,evernight we got black babies and elders going hungry without enough food to eat,starvin while the Black preachers buy expensive homes and luxury cars. We got Black grandmothers and grandfathers that dont even have enough money to buy medicine,as rich Black preachers eat steaks and shrimp at the finest restaurants!  Jesus is know by many Christains as the crusher,because he came to crush all deceit,greed,cowardice and colonial rule in the Black Nation, starting with the religious leaders. We got to do the same,crush the system of colonialism and rebuild! If Bishop T.D. Jakes would sell his multi million dollar Mansion,he could afford to send many young Black college students to medical or law school! We have to recognized the false Preacher types,the European rulers pays with crumbs. Let it be known that TD Jakes is freinds with one of the biggest,  racist crooks of all time George Bush the 2nd! Racist white Americans have even used the Black Ministers to Preach that abortion is okay,to our Black Women! All abortion is about is destroying our future Black families. Our Rulers fear a large Black Population,out of fear that Blacks will rise up,revolt and take back the power,that is why Black Women are having more abortions then any other group of women. Our enemies are even at work,trying to stop the Black Women from having babies,just like Pharoh killed all the new born male hebrew babies in Egypt, Just look at Planned Parent hood,the concentartion camps where the Black Babies are being killed,while still in their Mothers womb. Planned Parenthood has abortion clinics that are put mainly in Afro American neighborhoods,our Black women and babies are being targeted!  The African American Church should be the main ones speaking out against the birth control death plan! The Black Church use to be a place where Africans got together and organized for black improvement! The Black Preachers has to be a warner to his People and not a taker from his People.  Now we got many Black Preachers who are whats called Black overseers. In American slavery, overseers where those black slaves who where promoted to positions such as a Pastor by their rulers,to continue  European dominance. Chairman Omali calls these false preacher types, white power in a Black face! Our former slave masters have African preacher puppets who they use to rule over us indirectly. For every system we need an anti system,so we need Revolutionary Black preachers who are going to go in their and fight like hell for the freedom of their nation at all cost. The Black Nationalist Preacher, Ministers to the Black and the poor and he works to move his People in to a direction where his Black congregation will struggle for their 40 acres and 2 mules all over the wolrd because the land is power. If our African Preachers can`t help his People get good homes,and secure a land of our own then,he is just standing in the way of feedom. Don`t ever believe a Preacher when he tells you that you have to die and go to heaven to be free! God helps those who help themselves,so we gotta help ourselves if we want freedom, The revolutinary Black Preacher teaches his Black Nation, to build up black business, to throw off the mental shackles, to have faith in their Black selves and to walk as free men, We need Militant Black Preachers who will teach Black African history from the pulpit. And teach his Church that Black history did not start with slavery in America,our African Heritage goes back thousands, some scientist even say millions of years. The revolutionary Black Preacher has to push his People to see themselves as Black leaders of the 21st century who`s duty it is to redeem their fallen Black NAtion to greatness again! That colonized way of thinking,that whites are better and that Jesus is a white man with blue eyes must go, If you are going to worship Jesus make sure you worship that Black Jesus,who believes in freedom, not colonialism, Our very life is at hand, We are living in some very serious times. The Afro AMerican Church has to be able to take some of those millions they make every Sunday and use the money as a weapon to take trips to Africa and the Carribean,so our People can learn about their roots and so the Black American churches can build business relations with Black countries, in a system where Black folks can make money,spend money and trade products with our African brothers and Sisters that is how we fight white supremacy, Religon and money are like a double edged sword that the Black Nation has to use to fight our enemies and Build our Nation. If the Black Nation was truly free and United then we would put our money together in a bank and use it to house our Black elders,many who are being thrown in to nursing homes like how the  Europeans do! Earlier I said many of our People have colonized minds, and its true because Black Africans on the continent did not throw their elerly,their grandparents in to the nursing home to die and get abused. No. Black People have never believed in throwing away our People and in Black tradition our ancestors where taught to always honor and take care of of the elderly because in our elders lyes the wisdom, We gotta get back to our roots! Now you see Black Africkans throwing our elders in nursing homes,following the Europeans to hell in this colonial society. If black People were economcilly united we could afford to hire Black Nurses like Marcus Garvey did with his nurses corp,to care for our elders in their golden years.  We spend our money on designer clothes,liquor religion, cars, shoes and other things instead of using our dollars as weapons to protect and promote Black nation building. As the honorable Eligah Muhammad said,your time has arrived for seperation from your rulers! Are you willing to take that step toward African Indepemdence? If so then keep on reading Black family, If we continue to support alien Nations in the race for life,then we will always be behind in the race of life!!!! Black People we have came so far,but we still have a loonng way to go! Stay tuned for the next chapter titled How can Black People fight a system we  are dependent on. Uhuru.


Marcus Garvey most powerful African leader of the 20th century


, ,

Military Science

O.G. Stic Man from the Hip Hop duo Dead Presidents Drops the Science behind Garveyism.   Salute.


Marcus Garvey most powerful African leader of the 20th century


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Marcus Garvey sailed from Jamaica to Harlem New York in 1916.  After reading a book titled Up from Slavery written by the ancestor Booker T. Washington, Garvey found his purpose in life and that was the Revolution of 400 MILLION African People.   Garvey was a liberator of Africa who rose to prominence in the United States.  Marcus Garvey preached Africa for the Africans.  The continent of Africa, has been butchered, step on, raped and spit on by European powers.  General Garvey was training the Africans of the world to take back the land and resources that were stolen from us! Garvey passed away before he could see the African revolution he envisioned.   Mr. Garvey left the blue print on how to achieve African Nation Hood.  Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, who led his country to independence  from Britain, is quoted as saying,” the book that did more than any other to fire my enthusiasm was the philosophies and opinions of Marcus Garvey”  General Garvey the most powerful  African of the 20 century, has been studied by every great black leader that came after him.  Garvey inspired the largest black movement in U.S. history, yet American schools don`t teach Garveyism.   Garveyism is power, created to wake the Black Man up.   

I wanted to know more about Garveyism and the science behind it, so I hit up Stic Man and asked him what he thought about the philosophies and opinions of Marcus Garvey.

Stic Man:   “Marcus Garvey is the triple O.G. of the movement. There wouldn’t be no red black and green if it were not for the U.N.I.A.  There would not be a sense of black nationalism, if it weren’t for the work that he was putting down back in the 20`s.  Back in the days when brothers was fresh off the plantation and talking about share cropping, Marcus Garvey was saying we black people, we need a black land, we need a black God.  He was on 100% black power.  So you just look at him as the giant as he is, to be able to do that at that time. When you got suckers out here in 2014 that aren’t even close to what Garvey was on.  Also you have to look at how much Garvey influenced not just say me but how he influenced people all though out history.  First of all a lot of people don`t know that Malcom`s father was a student of Garvey. Malcom`s father was a member of that community and dedicated to building up that program. Malcolm was heavily influenced by the teachings of Garvey as a child and subsequently the Nation of Islam was based off that.  Many of the brothers who were in the nation were also influenced by their grandparents who were influenced by Garvey.  Garvey had the biggest black movement to this date, on this soil and the world.  At their largest point there were a million members in the U.N.I.A.   The U.N.I.A. had ships, clothing manufacturing companies, they had military cadre training, nursing schools, they made belts, and shoes. I mean you name it and they had it.  They had restaurants and all kinds of investments.  They were about using capitalism in a way that could benefit that community at the time.

The Garvey movement`s influence on Malcom`s father and Malcom`s generation, Malcom in particular influenced the generation that came after that.  People like Huwey P Newton in some of his writings he says how Malcom came to speak in California. And how when he was a young cat going to school out there, he went to go hear Malcom speak, those speeches would influence Huwey to develop the Black Panther Party.  The Black Panther Party attracted Sisters like Asada Shakur and Afeni Shakur who ended up having a young Brother named 2pac.  2pac ended up influencing our generation and created groups like Dead Prez.  And to quote 2Pac he said I might not be the one to start the revolution but I will be the one who sparks the one who starts the revolution.   I think it just continues. So Garvey his leadership as a man and as a community organizer and General has had influence since the 20`s, in every forward step in our movement for power.  When you Salute Garvey, when you salute that red, black green, you are saluting one of the best O.G. `s to ever do it. {Stic Man} 


The Militant Journalist speaks on the legacy of Garvey

Garvey was a historian amongst his many titles. He researched the Africans Kings, generals and empires of Mali and Kemmit, which were African nations that ruled for thousands of years, before Europe.  Black People who once were the world’s most intelligent minds as Scientist, Priest, Mathematician and Doctors in Africa, had now become reduced to the slaves, servants, and laborers for western powers.  Garvey not only taught African People everywhere, the history of our greatness, he taught us how to repeat that history in the now.  Garvey taught us as Black Men to walk with confidence and to build governments of our own, that would improve the conditions of black people and restore our country to royalty.  

He was military genius in his own right.  Only a General could organize a million Black People 64 years after slavery.  Marcus was a man of action, who never asked Caucasian People to accept him into their society like Dr. King or Barak Obama.   Brother Garvey told Blacks to stop begging Europe and America for a hand out and to go out into the world and build up a country of your own, free of the slave masters children.  

 Marcus Garvey most powerful black leader of the 20th century, taught me about black history before I even read a single book that he wrote.  Learn the science of Garveyism

Negroes will stop at nothing short of redemption of Motherland and establishment of African Empire.     

                              {Marcus Garvey}

 Share your thoughts on Garvey`s Pan African movement. Do you think that black or African people will ever have a country that we can call our own in Africa or anywhere else?

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The white house is the rock house; Uncle Sam is the Pusher Man

The Oklahoma Revolutionary #3


Chairman Omali Yeshitela is the leader of the Africans Peoples Socialist Party.  He spoke to the Oklahoma Pan Africanist about crack cocaine and its devastating effects on Black America.

Listen to the full radio interview at Collins

By The Rebel Journalist

Rebel Journalist “Chairman I heard you say in one of your speeches that Uncle Sam is the pusher man and the white house is the rock house.  Is it true that the C.I.A. created crack cocaine?   

Chm. Omali Yeshitela   “That’s hardly even disputable any more. We were saying this for some time.  Particularly when we were working out of our headquarters in Oakland California, that’s where we created the slogan the white house is the rock house and Uncle Sam is the pusher Man.  And then of course off the backs off that statement, there was a white reporter with the San Jose Mercury News, his name was Gary Webb.  He wrote a series of articles in the newspaper that was backed up by 600 pages of documents showing C.I.A. involvement in the crack trade.   The articles show how the person the feds imprisoned (Freeway Ricky Ross), was the same person they created.   When the C.I.A. organized this guy, he had never seen cocaine in his life!   And he came to be the one who was identified as the major cocaine pusher, the King Pen. 

Chm. Omali Yeshitela “They created crack cocaine in a laboratory some place.  And they used it to attack our community.  It was a form of counterinsurgency that was used against the African community in particular, that was a form of salting the earth to make sure that the African revolution would not reoccur.  And also as a means of sending resources in to a economy that was in a recession at that time in the 1980`s.  So you had the poorest sections of the country, now addicted to crack cocaine, where every 12 minutes they have got to get a hit.  People are doing all types of terrible things in our own communities in order to get those resources. Where does the money go?   The money went into the stock markets. It went in to the auto industry.  It went in to the banks like H.S.B.C. the Hong Kong Shaing Hi Banking Corporation, that itself was created in the 1800s to facilitate the opium war that England fought against China to turn China into a nation of junkies”

Chm. Omali Yeshitela  The white house in the process of killing two birds with 1 stone, at the same time they were making incredible war, against the people in south America after leaving Vietnam going to South America, where at that time  most of the opium was being secured.   Weapons were being dropped off to kill People in Nicaragua who were trying to make revolution there and then dropping the cocaine in to our communities, to frustrate any ability for revolutionary transformation that might occur here.  So you have an in genius scheme, where every time you open the newspaper you see stories of crack babies and crack pregnancies.  Our communities were described as pathological and this opened up the door for any kind of military repression as well as state repression in the form of imprisonment. This is where you see the leap in the numbers of People going to prison.  In just 28 years the U.S. prison population has went up 800%.  

 Chm. Omali Yeshitela  “From 1980 to 2008 the number of people locked up went from 500,000 to 2.3 million and it was all a part of that war against our people.  Now People who would be engaged in revolutionary struggle, they are the prime ones locked up in these prisons”.


                      The Rebel Journalist Speaks

The crack rock and the culture that came with it was designed to bring the black power movement to its defeat.  Crack Cocaine was a form of chemical warfare used against poor Afro Americans in our struggle for Revolution.  In order for revolution or any kind of social change to take place, the support of the People is 1st needed.  When crack came in to the picture in the 80`s, it hit the black ghettos of America like a tsunami, taking with it millions of black lives.  Some of our most brilliant minds, scholars, leaders and would be Revolutionaries became casualties of war at the hands of the American Government.   The revolution of the 60`s was about Black People fighting for our freedom in the country, our Fathers and Mothers helped to build.   By the time the 80`s came around, the fight for food, clothing, land and a true African centered education, became a war to keep black people off  drugs and out of the white man`s penitentiary.   The struggle for revolution became a struggle to get high for many former revolutionaries.   Brothers and sisters who once stood up to the system, almost overnight became crack fiends, convicts and drug dealers.             

 I know ex Black Panthers and ex civil rights activist, who are now strung out on the poison that was created by the C.I.A., to kill Black & brown Men, Women and BABIES.  I know it can be hard to believe too the unenlightened, that our own government in the United States could be responsible for the drugging of the black community but it`s the truth.  The white house really is the rock house and Uncle Sam is the Pusher man!   The chemical war that was declared on Black America was successful.   The crack babies that were born in the 80`s, have grown up to be adults, many of whom still suffer from the after effects of crack addiction.              A child born addicted to crack cocaine can face a lifetime of mental physical, and development issues such as mental retardation.   Crack not only wiped out almost an entire generation of black leaders, it also nearly destroyed the future African Revolutionaries of America.   

Now that we know the system and how it works, we must work to change the system.  I am never in support of Black People selling or using the white man`s poison.   Our People, especially the youth need to be educated on exactly what crack is and how it was created to destroy Black People.  Don`t believe the rappers who glorify the drug life and drug culture.  The rappers who make the dope music are just victims of the drug war that was created to kill them and their families.  Realize that by selling, or using crack, heroin, or any other manmade drug you are participating in the extermination of the Black Man, which is the government’s plan.   We buy the guns, sell the drugs, and kill our own people in America, as the enemy sits back, laughs and gets wealthy of our misery.  Chairman Omali and I have given you the information; it’s up to you what you will do with it.  Will you participate in the termination of Black People, or will you stand up like Malcom X and fight the system by any means necessary?

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The war on Books

The Science behind education

 The war on Books

By The Rebel Journalist              

My Alma mater was books, a good library… I could spend the rest of my life reading, just satisfying my curiosity.

Malcolm X

Books have always been an obsession of mine. I can still remember reading the biography of Muhammad Ali at 8 years old. The biography of Muhammad Ali completely changed the direction of my young life. The story of Ali came alive in my young mind. I was fascinated by the champ and could not put the book down, until I read the book in its entirety.

 Muhammad represented the strong, black, proud, militant and intelligent man that I wanted to grow up to be.  Muhammad was like a black super hero in my eyes.  The way Ali taunted his opponents, danced around the ring and destroyed his adversaries motivated this black boy to strive to be the greatest in all that I do.   I was drawn to the rebellious spirit of Muhammad. At the time I had never known a man to talk to powerful and rich whites in the way Ali did.  Muhammad Ali had no fear of anyone but God himself.  Ali talked a lot but best believe He backed up every word he spoke.

 Ali`s refusal to serve in the Vietnam war, due to his political beliefs, sparked the revolutionary spirit I carry with me to this day.  The story of Ali made me proud to be black for the 1st time in my life.  Books provided me with the knowledge that material wealth could not buy.   Black parents must understand that books are like a pass port to the see the world.  Although I was a from Oklahoma around mostly white people, my mind was somewhere in Zaire Africa or Ancient Kemmit with my ancestors.

 The war on books is what will destroy the future of black America

 Drastic measures must be taken immediately!!

In an interview conducted with Dr. Umar Johnson, author of    The Psycho-Academic Holocaust: The Special Education & ADHD Wars against Black Boys.  Umar touched on some disturbing statistics concerning Black boys.  He points out that the average reading level of an African American male, in a federal prison is that of a 3.5 grade level.  To make matters worse, the Doc goes on to say that there is a direct relationship between miseducation and incarceration.    If young men and women are not properly educated by the time they finish the 5th grade, then their chances of being incarcerated goes up significantly around 75% to 80 %. (Dr .Umar, Clinical Psychologist, author, and educator)

The main problem, with the lost blacks of America is that we simply refuse to READ.  By refusing to read to ourselves, our children our family and friends, we are participating in self-imposed genocide.  We are killing ourselves!   In today’s society, it seem as though it`s cool to be dumb and dumb to be smart. Many of the lost black children of America can barely spelled their names but know every lyric to the latest song on the radio.   

To all my rappers or aspiring rappers, understand that the best rappers are highly intelligent men who have read libraries of books.  Rap greats such as 2pac, Scarface, Nas, Big Punisher, and Kool G rap are all lyrical geniuses who read books on a regular basis.  David Banner, Killer Mike, Master P and Ludacris are all highly educated black men who have college degrees. Remember intelligent is the new gangster.

According to only 11% of black boys read at or above the 4th grade reading level.  And 43% of people living under the poverty line cannot READ at all.  The old saying goes that if you want to hide something from a black man, then put it in a book.  That is a sad but partially true statement.   I would also like to add that many Black People barely read, when they do read it`s the Bible, which the enemy has used for hundreds of years to enslave the hearts and minds of Black People!

 The African American bookstore, in Killeen Texas once stood tall as a symbol for black empowerment and black education.  The Black Texans, who needed the knowledge the most refused to support the black owned book store and it was forced to close its doors.    The knowledge center was a black owned book store located in the heart of the black community, on the east side of Oklahoma City.  The lost blacks of Oklahoma chose not to support the much needed African bookstore and it too eventually had to close down shop.  Black book stores are being shut down all over America, while at the same time prisons are being built to house the illiterate Africans of America.  All across the United States, penitentiaries are being built based on elementary reading levels, which is not right!

I am aware that many of my readers are Christian so I will go to the Holy Bible to make sure they understand what I am trying to tell them.  The book of Hosea chapter 4 verse 6 in the bible speaks directly to the Black People in North America. The scripture reads as following, my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, because they have rejected knowledge.  Not only have the lost blacks rejected knowledge, we have become comfortable in our ignorant ways.   

Harriet Tubman, abolitionist, liberator, and freedom fighter once said  She could have freed a thousand slaves, if only their minds were free” During slavery it was against the law for a slave to read.  The reason why the slave master, wanted to keep his slaves illiterate was to ensure that the slave would not escape to freedom.  Knowledge is potential power. The slave was powerless because the slave could not read the signs guiding him or her to freedom!!!   The so called African Americans are just like the slave, who is doomed to a life of bondage, due to his or her lack of knowledge.  I meet college educated; black fools every day on campus!   Just the ask the average Black College student in America do they study African American history and they will tell you NO!  Many African Americans in College will only read what their Professors, who are usually Caucasians, tell them to read.  They are brainwashed Sheep, still controlled by their slave masters!   Black People in America are overall ignorant of our history and the sacrifices that were made, so we could be free.  We are so blind that we don’t realize that it was our blood relatives, which created science, mathematics, reading and writing.  Once Black People come in to the knowledge that they come from the most brilliant people this world has ever seen, then we can deprogram ourselves from white supremacy and show our brilliance in the present.  Black Studies is a Science but to many it`s a religion.    The brotha Umar said it best; when he said that by fixing the education of our black boys and black girls, we would by doing so revolutionize black existence in America.

The black bookstore was like a temple of knowledge. I would spend hours in the book store, talking with the elders, building and learning. The black bookstore is critical in the advancement of blacks in America. Every black neighborhood should have a black bookstore. Otherwise blacks of America will continue to be dumb, death, blind, and mentally enslaved.  The books that we read are just as important, as the food we put in to our bodies. Reading black or African history is not only fundamental, it is essential for the survival of blacks in America.  Why as Afro Americans or Africans on the continent do we refuse to study our history, yet we spend our entire lives studying European and American history in these so called institutions of education?  

Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.

(Edmund Burke)

Rebuild the African bookstore in your hood today.

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Kwame Nkrumah

Kwame Nkrumah

(21 September 1909 – 27 April 1972)

By Editor & Chief Richmond X

The chapters in this book are conversations I have had with Afro American Revolutionaries who all have the same mission.   The mission of the African Revolutionary in the 21st century is to become self-sufficient, FREE from the shackles of this white controlled system in America and abroad.   Keep in mind that Black or African People all over the planet are fighting for their freedom!   Many African countries such as Mali and Ghana are young countries who just won their independence from Europe   50 to 60 years ago. Mali the birthplace of my Father, gained Independence from France in 1960 and the struggle continues.

 Kwame Nkrumah, the Ghanaian freedom fighter came to America to further his education in 1935.    Kwame studied theology, philosophy, education and politics at the Lincoln University of Pennsylvania, which is a historically black university.   Kwame who was originally educated as a teacher in Ghana, earned several degrees in America including  a Master of Science degree in education and a Master’s degree in philosophy.    He was a highly intelligent man as far as books and the streets where concerned.    On the street corners of New York in places such as Harlem also known as the Black Mecca, Kwame began to study the works of the Honorable Marcus Garvey.   The Pan African teachings of Marcus Garvey also known Garveyism, had a major impact on Kwame`s worldview.  

“Long before many of us were even conscious of our own degradation, Marcus Garvey fought for African national and racial equality. I think that of all the literature I studied, the book that did more than any other to fire my enthusiasm was the philosophies and opinions of Marcus Garvey”   

         {Quote by Kwame Nkrumah First President of Ghana}

   Marcus Garvey is considered the greatest black leader of the 20th century.  During the 1920`s and 30`s Garvey`s Universal Negro Improvement Association had an estimated 6 million followers around the world including followers in Africa.   Garvey preached Africa for the Africans and redemption of the land of our Fathers.  To make a long story short, Kwame after adopting Pan Africanism in the United States, went home to Ghana and led that country to independence from Britain in1957.   Kwame` s story is a testament to what can be accomplished when Africans from the continent and Africans from the west come together in common struggle for independence!    Mr. Kwame Nkrumah has been dead for 41 years, yet the struggle for a free and united African world lives on.  

Now is not the time to be weak as African People.  Brothers such as Patrice Lumumba of Congo, Thomas Sankora of Bukina Faso, and MAlcom X  of America were all murdered for standing up for what they believed in and that’s was Black Power!  When I say Black Power I mean Black People having full control over our destinies and not some foreign country, who wishes to exploit us.  Self-determination is a must!  In the 21st century our Black nation has grown weak.  Where is the next Kwame Nkruma?    Who will read the story of our ancestors and lead their people to independence as Moses did in the bible?   The 1st step to becoming free from the filthy system of colonialism is to become educated!   Read The Autobiography of Kwame Nkrumah (1957).

The mission of the Black Revolutionary is never about hatred of White People, rather we are completely dedicated to the improvement, conservation and independence of the African.    We as revolutionaries are guided by our love for Black People.   As educated Black Men and Women, we know our black /African history therefore we prepare for the future today.   148 years after slavery, the African in America is in dire need of a Revolution and not just a change.   I chose to fight this revolution using my pen and my voice as an African radio journalist, what will you use as your weapon for freedom?   


The Brothas who I spoke too on my radio broadcast are all highly respected African Leaders, Activist, Doctors, Rappers, Preachers, Teachers, Principles, Entrepreneurs and all around freedom fighters for black people all over the world.   This book is a research paper transcribed from my radio program.   Anybody who is interested in black history, black activism, and black freedom this is the manual for you.   When I decided to put this project together, I wanted to organize a piece of work that dealt with the past, present and future of the African struggle.   It took long hours in the library for me to compile the sciences for black power.   If we as Afro Americans don`t want to become endangered species like the Bald Eagle in America, then it is important to learn, and then master certain sciences for survival.   I hope that African People all over the globe from Ghana to London will read this and become encouraged to fight for their freedom, justice and equality whenever they may live.   The sciences are as follows Uhuru!

 1  Military science Dr. Umar, Omali Yeshitela,

2 Political Science

3 Revolutionary Science Omali,

4 Religious Science Dr. Umar on the Black church,

5 Economic Science Featuring Stick Man

6 Educational Science Stick Man from Dpz, Dr. Umar,

7 The Science of Black Leadership